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Our Services


Millenium Tree Services has all the equipment necessary to prune cut and remove tree limbs. If you have a tree that need to be severely trimmed or even removed we can do it by hand, with a crane or with a bucket truck. We have years of experience doing this and know how to get the job done safely and without affecting other healthy trees on your property.



If one or more of your trees is in need of serious aid we have the experience and skill to perform tree sugery. We will remove diseased branches, fill cavities and take measures to prevent further decay. We will strengthen the limbs with braces and cable ties as needed.


If after a tree removal there is a stump remaning we are able to take care of it. We have specialized equipment that can get into your property without damaging it and will grind away the stump and roots. We can then fill the area with soil and seed or sod where the stump was, leaving no trace of the stump that was there.


Millenium Tree Services can plan and implement irrigation systems for residential and commercial applications. We will work with you to plan a system that fits your landscaping needs and budget perfectly. After we install the irrigation system we will instruct you on how they work and the best usage of them.


We can use our knowledge and experience to determine from the slopes and features of your landscape or yard where to put inset drains and in ground drainage features. These drainage systems will blend right into your landscape and improve the beauty of your landscape.


Our crew is continuing working to ensure the safety of our customers, we offer emergency tree removal and storm damage clean ups. Get your free estimate contact us today.


Site Leveling Millennium Tree Service can improve the grading of your property. This can be done before a development has begun, or as an improvement. We will also do leveling and grading in conjunction with drainage work. You can count on our experience to improve all the qualities of your landscape.


We take great pride in the beauty we bring out in a landscape with our well planned and well executed paving stone work. Millennium Tree Service has the ability to create a custom environment for you. We will find the perfect stones, patterns and designs for you. We will then craft and visual delight for you. The craftsmanship of the work is second to none. You will be enjoying your private oasis for years to come.


As part of our full service landscaping we also build retaining walls. These can be smaller decorative walls or larger structural elements. The same craft and care that goes into our paving stones is echoed here. We take pride in making beautiful landscaped areas. We are able to use a multitude of materials in your retaining walls. We will work with stacked stones, brick, large stones and wood. We can combine retaining walls with our lawn care expertise to give you beautiful flower beds with a spectacular finishing touch.


Millennium Tree Service can protect your landscape with custom fencing. We work with iron, treated wood, vinyl and treated cedar to design a style that enhances your landscape's beauty and protects your property. The fences we create will echo all facets of the landscape designs and work perfectly with the elements you have chosen for your property. The fencing that we do can be worked into the retaining walls to provide a cohesive design for your landscape.


We can install various styles of lighting systems to improve the visibility of your landscaped paths and patios. Millennium Tree Service can set lights that highlight particular features of your landscape or illuminate ornamental trees. We will work with you to pick a style of lamp that blends in and accentuates the beauty of your landscape.


Millennium Tree Service will use our experience and horticultural knowledge to improve the layer of topsoil in your landscape. We will determine the proper balance of soils and nutrients to provide your lawn, plants, and shrubs and trees a healthy growing environment. We can then seed an area or place sod over this improved topsoil.


We can take the clippings, trimmings and refuse from our maintenance programs and reuse them in a compost area that we build for you. The materials that we use to build the enclosure will match and blend in with your building and landscaping. The enclosure can be put out of the way, yet placed in a manner to be easy to work with. This compost material can then be reused for mulching your shrubs and plantings. Composting is a practical way to affordably fertilize your plantings.


Millennium Tree Service has the experience and knowledge to ensure that the selection of ground cover plants fits perfectly with the surrounding shrub and tree elements. We will take the layout of your planting beds and landscape forms into full account when giving a suggestion of plants to choose from.


Flower beds will add color and beauty to your landscape. We will work with you and your budget to choose the right plants for your beds. We can do raised flower beds, shaped beds and even edge the beds with stones, wood or plastic edging. Millennium Tree Service will enhance the beauty and value of your property with our years of experience applied to your needs.


We can keep your trees, lawn and plantings healthy for you. An intense inspection and cleanup twice a year will identify problem areas and allow Millennium Tree Service to draw up a plan of action for your property should you need one. This type of maintenance is vital to being in control of your landscape.


Millennium Tree Service has the knowledge and experience designing and planning landscapes to suggest a range of trees and shrubs that will enhance your property. We can introduce decorative trees to your landscape that bring color or uniqueness. We will work with you to bring a good mix of plantings to your property. Many inspired looks can be created within a budget.


Millennium Tree Service can protect your landscape with our customized maintenance programs. We will plan according to the type of plantings, shrubs, trees and lawn type that you have. Our maintenance program includes weed control, grass mowing, edging, pruning, leaf sweeping and general watering and care. These services are available weekly, bi-weekly or as a one-time only arrangement.


Millennium Tree Service can plan how best to prepare your plantings and decorative trees for the winter months. This process may include thickening the mulch around flower beds, to wrapping some shrubs and trees in plastics to protect them from the harsh elements. Be assured that our years of experience means that proper care will be taken to ensure that come spring your landscape will be fully ready to be enjoyed.


We also sell high quality cut firewood. The types of wood that we sell are red oak, white ash and cherry. These are all long-burning hardwoods that will reduce your heating costs.